March 2 horoscope for virgo

Opportunities arise to increase your wealth and broaden your horizons.

Virgo - March 2, 2015 - Weekly Horoscope

February to May — Uranus trine your decan allows you to make important changes in your life without the usual disruption that big changes often bring. Stimulating change and inner excitement means you can express a more bubbly side of your personality.

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There will be opportunities to meet new people from varied backgrounds. December 7 to 23 — Jupiter trine Uranus on the 15th brings lucky breaks and exciting encounters. This is a good time to try something new and different.

Virgo Daily Horoscope

You can take risks and feel optimistic about success. You will have the extra freedom and willingness to push the boundaries and explore new territory.

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December 8 to 16 — Mercury square your decan increases the tempo of life with mental activity, communications, short trips, and errands. The hectic pace can lead to nervous irritability and rushed thinking.

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  • December 20 to January 1 — Sun trine your decan brings inner calm and balance that adds harmony to your relationships. You will be more efficient and productive so this is a good time to promote yourself and your goals.

    Yearly Horoscope

    Superiors will appreciate your positive attitude and initiative. December 22 to 26 — Sun trine Uranus on the 24th brings increased intuition and flashes of insight that lead to self-discovery and revelations. This is an excellent time to leave your comfort zone and meet extraordinary people. Try new things and express the more unique or crazy side of your personality. December 25 to 30 — Sun conjunct Jupiter on the 27th brings happiness, optimism and generosity. Good luck comes as opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth.

    You could receive compliments, gifts or money. This is an excellent time to begin relationships, studies or long-distance travel. December 26 to June 5 — Solar Eclipse December heralds good fortune, ambition, abundance, positive change, excitement and success. The keyword for this eclipse is serendipity because it brings good luck and happy coincidences when you least expect it.

    December 28 to January 4 — Mercury trine your decan brings good news and pleasant conversation. Rational thinking and a convincing communication style make this a good time to ask for favors, negotiate, bargain, convince others and promote your ideas. You will make a good first impression and others will want to listen to you. December 29 to 31 — Mercury trine Uranus on the 30th brings positive change and excitement. Follow your intuition, especially in relationships where you can take a chance to break the ice. Chance encounters are possible and you will be attracted to unusual types of people.

    Virgo 2020 love horoscope: Perfection doesn’t exist

    Be flexible and open-minded about new opportunities. Virgo horoscope December is based on planetary transits to Virgo Decan 1, not to houses, zones or sectors. March to February — Neptune opposite your decan can make you project certain ideals or qualities on people or situations that you might want but are not actually real.

    Being confronted by some unpleasant truths would make you feel insecure and exposed. Clear up any misconceptions then things should start improving. December to December — Saturn trine your decan brings steady progress and great achievements because of your patience, determination and a strong sense of duty.

    Virgo Horoscope December – Astrology King

    Inner balance and focus stop you from being distracted from your goals and plans. You are working hard on building safe and secure foundations for years to come. November 9 to December 2 — Mercury sextile your decan brings creative thinking and clear self-expression. Expect good news and pleasant conversation. This busy but productive time is good for socializing, writing, speaking, asking for favors, sending applications, study, exams, buying and selling.

    Virgo Horoscope

    These includes issues about previously taboo topics Scorpio loves a taboo such as medical marijuana, questions around sexuality the last of the same sex marriage debates , on-going issues around euthanasia could well come to a head during this cycle Scorpio rules death , and … the entire metoo and timesup movements.

    In fact, exactly when Jupiter entered Scorpio, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault and harassment by multiple actresses. And this month? Jupiter goes retrograde. What is that going to mean for everyone? Click here for that info…. Meanwhile, the planet Mars is on the move. Mars takes around two years to go around the chart. This month, Mars moves back into Capricorn towards the middle of the month. Mars goes well in Capricorn because Mars is the energy planet and Capricorn is the stamina sign.

    Put them together and you get sustained energy in whichever part of your life and horoscope chart Mars is triggering. Read your full length stars on www. Your life philosophies are being turned upside down. Liberate yourself from your most ingrained Virgo habits.

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    • Break out of your thoughts! To feel born into an idea or situation. As said in the general section, sex is extremely important to these folk with some being very promiscuous or, in modern parlance, polyamorous! See Playboy magnate Hefner is on the list below ….

      The above interpretations are a small sample of the rising sign section of my Virgo decan eBooks. There are also detailed explanations of the fixed stars for the decan also. Examples in the Weekly Fixed Stars post.