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Got the voice of an angel? Just really love Disney songs? You could win up to c in our latest karaoke comp Join our lovely little Habbox family by applying for a job with us today! Results 1 to 9 of 9. My Patronus apparently is a Lynx which is pretty cool!


My patronus is a Falcon, which I think is super cool. According to this quiz , my spirit animal is a snake, but I would rather it were a horse or a cat. I'm in Gryffindor and my patronus is a ragdoll cat. Pilot, postman, telegraph operator, merchant, messenger. Reversed Eight of Wands Qualities: losing firm ground, decay, immobility. Nine of Wands Spirit of fortitude. Tarot Card Symbols: a sweet girl has cut herself off from the world with the help of wands stuck into the ground, resembling military fortifications.

She feels tired and defenceless, she needs time to be alone and defend herself. Her posture shows fatigue, while the wands in the background indicate a strong base. Qualities: maturity, patience, fatigue, heaviness, dignity, respect. Skill, confidence and might, prudence, wisdom. Guard, military person, security guard.

A man with strong character, hostile and suspicious. Reversed Nine of Wands Qualities: alienation, exhaustion, hopelessness, closed off. Ten of Wands Spirit of burden of liabilities. Tarot Card Symbols: we see a disturbing picture: a mother, carrying a heavy bag and with a bundle of ten wands on her shoulders, is going to climb a steep rocky slope. She tries to persuade her daughter climb with her or help her, but the girl is whining and resisting — she does not wish to climb.

It symbolises our inner spontaneous nature, our id, or inner child, that refuses to collaborate with us if we shoulder many affairs and liabilities 10 wands. The black stones symbolise the toil and obstacles we experience when shouldering the burden of responsibility and commitment.

Qualities: overwhelming work, fatigue, depression, earnestness, joylessness.

Person: responsible professional, family man with heaps of responsibilities, Head of enterprise. Workaholic, struggler. Reversed Ten of Wands Qualities: inconsistence, lack of confidence, withdrawal from something, futility. Daughter Page of Wands Child of spontaneous outbursts. Tarot Card Symbols: a young charmer dances around a pole, playing with sexual energy — a coiled serpent.

She tempts and awakens creative impulses, teases and challenges, symbolising the awakening of spontaneity and dormant creative fire. The fire represents sexual desire, the wand the girl is dancing around is a symbol of the backbone, the core of life. With small horns on hear head, her image is somewhat demonic and unbridled.

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This dance represents sexual desire in its purest form. From creative impulse to realisation of passion. These are instincts that break free — shameless, unceremonious and spontaneous. Ardour and fervour, gaiety and joy, boldness and courage, curiosity. But at the same time — carelessness, recklessness and irresponsibility.

Portrayed by openness, lightness, sociability. May be a spontaneous, restless teenager or child full of life. A man who has a lot of ideas. A child requiring much attention. A person who strives for recognition, but is at the same time naive, has not yet broken of his or her horns on the path of life.

Reversed Daughter of Wands Qualities: loss of enthusiasm — nothing brings joy. Fear of changes, fear of the new, joylessness. Boredom, no interest, emptiness and illusiveness.


Futility, fickleness. Son Knight of Wands Youth seeking adventures. Tarot Card Symbols: Chingachgook, a young tribal chief, covered with tattoos and decorated with bird feathers, holds a spear in his hand. He is full of strength, youth, energy and exudes aggressiveness, health and the desire for action, hunting and adventure. The headdress symbolises his hot blood; he is a daredevil. The tattoos on his body indicate his sexual maturity, his time of entry into manhood, as well as protect him from evil spirits and give him invulnerability in battle. He stands against the background of untamed nature with roaming lions and wild animals.

This character is ready for dynamic situations and combat, he is a pioneer, a pathfinder, a hunter and conqueror of wildlife. He can be irrepressible. Qualities: ardour, impetuosity, zeal and thirst for freedom of action. Changeability of feelings and aspirations; spreads himself thin. Impatience, hastiness, unpredictability, irritability and a tendency to exaggerate everything. I want all and at once: this is the motto of the Son of Wands.

Person: warrior, full of noble fervour and eager to explore the unknown. The archetype of a hero who is left searching. Ardent in love, but not for long. This person can do the impossible, break up long-standing obstacles, melt the glaciers and move the mountains.

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He is an eternal adolescent who needs never-ending adventures, new toys and a permanent adrenaline rush. Reversed Son of Wands Qualities: extravagance, disorderliness, dilettantism, impatience, foolishness and recklessness.


Confusion and chaos, no way out for aggressive energy. Queen of Wands Wife, endowed with a passionate, independent nature. Irresistible actress.

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Tarot Card Symbols: the card depicts a red-haired, smiling woman. She seems to tease us, opening her soul and body, calling for delight and sensual impulses.

The wand in her hand indicates her power and self-control. Her laughing eyes speak of a challenge, while her smile is seductive. She is full of a thirst for life, she wants to shine and conquer hearts.