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Rajagopalachari 's translation of the Mahabharata, became an Indra , king of devas, but was later expelled from Swarga or heaven due to a curse by the great sage Agastya for his eventual gain in pride and arrogance and became a python for thousands of years. In the linked preface prayer but not in the succeeding Sahasranama non-formal pronunciation is used, since correct representation of pronunciation requires extensive use of diacritic marks.

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Retroflex phonemes are those where the tongue is slightly coiled back in the palate and released along with the phoneme's sound. Although devotion is considered the most important thing while reciting any prayer or mantra Unless used for tantric purposes, where the sound's vibration plays the major role , use of the correct pronunciation is believed by devotees to enhance the satisfaction derived from the recital, in the case of both vocal and mental chants.

Believers in the recitation of the Sahasranama claim that it brings unwavering calm of mind, complete freedom from stress and brings eternal knowledge. A translation of the concluding verses Phalasruti of Vishnu sahasranama, state the following: "Nothing evil or inauspicious will befall a man here or hereafter who daily hears or repeats these names.. Whichever devoted man, getting up early in the morning and purifying himself, repeats this hymn devoted to Vasudeva , with a mind that is concentrated on Him, that man attains to great fame, leadership among his peers, wealth that is secure and the supreme good unsurpassed by anything.

He will be free from all fears and be endowed with great courage and energy and he will be free from diseases. Beauty of form, strength of body and mind, and virtuous character will be natural to him One who reads this hymn every day with devotion and attention attains to peace of mind, patience, prosperity, mental stability, memory and reputation Whoever desires advancement and happiness should repeat this devotional hymn on Vishnu composed by Vyasa Never will defeat attend on a man who adores the Lotus-Eyed One Kamala Nayana , who is the Master of all the worlds, who is birthless, and out of whom the worlds have originated and into whom they dissolve.

If one cannot do all this on any day, it is believed that chanting Vishnu sahasranama alone is sufficient. Vishnu sahasranama can be chanted at any time, irrespective of gender. Varahi Tantra says that in the age of Kali yuga, most stotras are cursed by Parashurama and hence are ineffective. While listing the ones which are free from this curse and hence suitable during Kali Yuga , it is said, "Gita of the Bhishma Parva, Vishnu Sahasranama of Mahabharata and Chandika Saptashati' Devi Mahatmyam are free from all Doshas and grant fruits immediately in Kali Yuga.

An alternative approach is to say the starting prayer, and then say the names collected in stanzas As they were originally said by Bhishma.

विष्णुसहस्रनाम के पाठ का लाभ

Such stanzas are called Slokas in Sanskrit. The Sahasranama apart from the initial and concluding prayers has a total of shlokas. Notice the aggregation of several words and the omission of their intervening spaces. For example, the last word of the first line of this Sloka :. This joining-together of words is a common feature of Sanskrit and is called Samasa - a compound.

It makes the sloka s compact, and easier to remember. This is the complete list of names, in loose anglicized spelling and with idiosyncratic translations. One notable thing about the Sahasranama is that it includes names of other Hindu deities such as Shiva, Brahma, etc. According to followers of Vaishnava theology , this is an example of Vishnu considered in His universal aspect, as an aggregation, and basis of all other deities which emanate from Him.


In this cosmic aspect, Vishnu is also called Mahavishnu Great Vishnu. By an Advaitan interpretation, this notation is not surprising as followers of Advaita philosophy, in particular, Smartas believe that Vishnu and Shiva are the same and are hence different aspects of the one Supreme Being. The following lines are from the Mahabharata and are quoted portions from the text.

Devotees believe that regular chanting of the hymn can accrue benefits. Bhishma's quote cited from Kisari Mohan Ganguli 's translation of Vishnusahasranama public domain. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of 1, names of Vishnu.

Benefits of the Vishnu Sahasranam:

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Important deities. Holy scriptures. Related traditions. Retrieved 4 October Archived from the original on 20 February Retrieved 21 June Sri Vishnu Sahasranama, pg. Sri Vishnu Sahasranama, pgs. Archived from the original on 21 December Retrieved 16 December The Hindu. Chennai, India. But looking at the horoscope, I felt that her family was hungry for a fat dowry and got involved in a trouble which it had invited.


Her argument that they were all innocent did not appeal to me at all. What can you do if you pretend to be an angel and do not speak out the truth? An astrologer is an adviser, and if honest, is the best adviser who can help you prepare for a calamity. I have many cases which I will narrate slowly and show how an astrologer can help a person prepare for some unavoidable difficulties.

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Do not think that there is any magical remedy to put an end to all your troubles. The results of karmas have to be suffered. Read this piece first. The identity of the person is not being disclosed nor his horoscope or of the members of his family being given in this piece. Remember that the astrologer is not God and he should refuse to play god. Times change, good to bad and bad to good. It is what I have seen in the horoscopes not disclosed here. What I saw was a brighter future after a spell of suffering.

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