Yoni porutham in astrology

They can upset others by their unpleasant behavior and talk Many times they will think they are right and others are wrong. But they are also good sometimes. Adhi Uthamam.

Yoni Porutham

Hence Vasiya Porutham is available. Rajju represents the rope Mangala Suthra used to Tie-up the Thirumangalyam during the auspicious muhurtham time. If Rajju Dosham is present it will seriously affect the couple. There are 5 kinds of Rajju. The 27 Stars are divided into these 5 Categories. Details of the Raiiu Dosham are explained in the following Table. These 5 are again sub divided as Arohanam and Avarohanam.

Marriage should never be performed when Rajju Dosham is present. Some Astrologers recommend marriage when Rajju is found as Arohanam and Avarohanam.

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Marriage should be considered only when the Rajju is different for the Boy and Girl. Boy to girl. Girl to boy. Each Ganam is assigned 9 Stars. Adhi Uthamam 2.

யோனி பொருத்தம்-மனிதனுக்குள்ளே மறைந்துள்ள மிருகம் -Yoni Porutham

Uthamam 3. Even though this porutham is examined for wellbeing, Longevity and the growth of the family this alone is not enough. Also this helps for a comfortable married life. It is believed that the Girl will live for a long time as the wife and her life will end before her husband's life in the old age.

That is she will attain the Lotus Feet of God as a Sumangali. However regarding the Life expectancy it is better to check her horoscope. Yoni represents sex organs.

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If this Porutham is available intimacy of the couple will be satisfactory. Therefore this is considered as important and mandatory. Marriage will not be recommended if Yoni porutham is absent. Each Star is given the name of an animal. If the animals are friendly Yoni is compatible. If they are enemies Yoni Porutham is not available and the marriage should not be performed.

Unity of the Couple. Possibility of getting a Male child First. Displeasure and Disputes between the Husband and Wife. Unexpected and unnecessary expenditures. But there are some exceptions. These are known to your Astrologer.

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  6. If the Lords are not enemies, sex life will be too good. We may also decide this with astavarga points.

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